will help people with impaired color vision to see the missing color.
Only for suffering color blindness.
Available: iPhone, iPad. iOS 6.1 or later.


If you have a color blindness this is App for you. By using the camera in your device, OverCBlind will show you missing colors - in real time.

How it works:

The app converts colors, inaccessible to the user, into recognizable color combinations. As there are various forms of color blindness, to each of them corresponds the converters.  For example, for a red blindness there is a converter which is marking out only red color.  As at to red blindness the user well sees yellow colors, red color is shown yellow, and other colors are shown in the gray.  Besides, in a life often it is required to define not simply red color, and to distinguish it from the green:  for example, to see red or green led on a cooler or other light signals.  For such cases the separate converters showing some colors were developed.  In case of the red blindness such converter will be to recode red color in yellow, and green color will show blue (too well distinguished color at to red blindness).

Converters are completed in sets depending on a type of a color blindness. More detailed information at links below:

Red Basic converters

Green Basic converters

Blue Basic converter

Mono Basic converter

Initially, there are two converters: "Sample Grey" and "Sample Color". Apart from using these converters to check out what the app can do, you can also use them to determine which converters will work best fo you.


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